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Information on the DCGP Specialty and Superstition Kennel Club

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Dogs bark out of boredom.  A dog that is frustrated or bored may bark just for something to do.  

Dogs bark to get attention.  Because they are social animals dogs crave attention.  If the only attention a dog receives is punishment for barking they will bark to receive even that attention.  Spend time playing with your dog everyday.  Dogs that do not get enough interaction with people are more likely to bark out of boredom or to seek attention.  Give your dog chews and toys.

Keep your dog occupied when you cannot be home.  


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Meeting dates:  

February 9, 2018 at​​

2701 W. Belmont Avenue,

Phoenix  85051 

Community Room of Station 30 is located on

the south (left) end of the  fire station

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