We are more than show dogs.

 Some members train their dogs for agility, therapy work or obedience.  Rally obedience or the exciting sport of Barn Hunt is a great way to have fun with your dog.

If you have a CGC title on your dog you may test for a CGCA title (advanced CGC) see the requirements on the contact page. Dalmatian Club of Greater Phoenix promotes good sportsmanship by setting the example for 

Our match was a great success!  See the Events Page for the results.

Beware of these holiday dog dangers:

​Candles & hot wax; ornaments & metal ornament hooks; ribbon-string-yarn; rubber bands; tree tinsel and confetti; rich fatty foods & alcohlic beverages; Christmas tree water; fireplace flames and color salts.

Our next Meeting 

January 9, 2015

see contact page for more info.