We are more than show dogs.

 Some members train their dogs for agility, therapy work or obedience.  Rally obedience or the exciting sport of Barn Hunt is a great way to have fun with your dog.

If you have a CGC title on your dog you may test for a CGCA title (advanced CGC) see the requirements on the contact page. Dalmatian Club of Greater Phoenix promotes good sportsmanship by setting the example for 

MATCH NOV. 23, 2014

DCGP will host a non-sporting match

Sunday Nov. 23, 2014 at Gene Autry Park, Mesa AZ.  Our judge will be Barry Baum, DVM from Los Angeles, CA.    The non-sporting match will immediately follow the Superstition Kennel Club match.  The SKC match will begin at 10:00.   GO TO EVENTS PAGE FOR MATCH ENTRY.                                                               

Our next Meeting Nov 21, 2014

Fire Station #30

see contact page for more info.