Morning Show​

Judge SarahAnne Vancleeve, Sweepstakes

​Best In Sweeps/ Dal's Alley & Summit Runnin' Down A Dream  Slauson/Edminster/Moreschini

Best In Sweeps Veteran/ CH. Nspird Bombshell  Forbes/Jordan

Judge Ms. Linn Klingel-Brown

WD/ Paradox Totally Tiggerific  Cummard

R. WD/ Hattrick's Heir Apparent  Deer/Deer

WB/ Hattrick's Rain Maker  Deer/Deer

R. WB/ Paradox Particularly Perfect  Baum/Von Mayr

BOB/ GCH. Spotlight's Where We Left Off For Amethyst  Jackson/Jackson

BOW/ Paradox Totally Tiggerific  Cummard

BOS/ Hattrick's Rain Maker  Deer/Deer

SD/ GCH. Summit N Dal's Alley Smooth Operator  Slauson/Edminster/Montgomery

SB/ GCH. Matchless N Spothaven Stars Align  Brown/Brown

Best Owner Handled/ GCH. Summit N Dal's Alley Smooth Operator  Slauson/Edminster/Montgomery

Award Of Merit/ Amethyst & Spotlight's Permanent Mark  Jackson/Jackson/Meisch

Afternoon Show

Judge Azalea Alvarez, Sweepstakes

Best In Sweeps/ Hattrick's Rain Maker  Deer/Deer

Best In Sweeps Veteran/ Ch. Arcade Coachlight Rocketman  Anderson/Barrett

Judge Dr. Ken Levison

WD/Nspird Wynn Boom Chocolatta  Jordan

R. WD/ Amethyst & Sporlight's Permanent Mark  Jackson/Jackson/Meisch

WB/ Hattrick's Rain Maker  Deer/Deer

R. WB/ Zoroastrain's Spotted By The Paparazzi  Seitz

BOB/ GCH. Spotlight's Where We Left Off For Amethyst  Jackson/Jackson

BOS/ Hallmark's Nspird Eye Candy  Jordan/Rackley

SD/GCH. Nspird Spotsafire Unscripted  Wynn/Jordan/Freshour/Bailey

SB/ M.V. Me'z Desert Opal  Purchiss/Munhollon

Best Owner Handled/ GCH. Nspird Spotsafire Unscripted  Wynn/Jordan/Freshour/Bailey

Award Of Merit/ CH. Saint Florian Here Comes The Sun   Limbach/Maul

2020 and 2021 Events

Several events have been cancelled due to Corona Virus.  Check to be sure the event you want has or has not been cancelled or rescheduled. 

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