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General Practices

Clubs, officials & participants are required to follow state, local & facility guidelines that are in place on the weekend of this event.   Be advised these rules are subject to change by the day of our event based on current events and status.

*Exhibitors should wash hands as frequently as possible.

*Avoid shaking hands, hugging or other physical contact.

*Avoid touching dogs that are not your responsibility.

*Avoid common use pens/pencils - bring your own.

*Exhibitors must provide their own scoops for cleaning up from their dogs in public use expens & the entire facility.

*Prepare to be self sufficient: bring sanitizer and personal use masks.

*KNOW the arm band numbers for your entries before going to the ring. Do not congregate at the ring or ring gate. (you will not receive your arm band from the steward, you will select your arm band from a table near the ring)

*While showing your dog, maintain social distances with other exhibitors.

Ring Side Holding Areas

Defined holding areas will be provided outside the rings.  These areas will be marked on the floor.  Due to social distancing, these areas will be limited & in high demand.  Limit your time in the spaces from immediately prior to your breed to removal as soon as Best Of Breed is complete.

Unattended crates will be removed by show officials. Due to social distance requirements some exhibitors will not have ring side crating.

Information from the Onofrio website

more information available on the Onofrio website